Light colors on eyes (blue, green) and hair (red, blonde) is more beautiful than dark ones on your significant other

Asked by: cuteponylove
  • Eye color and hair color

    To be honest, this answer is biased. I do think that a green-eyed, redheaded lass is more attractive than say a brown-eyed, brunette. This is biased because for 7 nights in a row, I say the same woman. She was 5'8, slim, high-cheek boned, small nosed and had emerald green eyes, brilliant red hair, and a slight tan. So from this, you know where the bias comes from.

  • Green and blue eyes, red and blonde hair

    It isn't without a doubt that these are the desired traits. Those that aren't born with them wishes they had them and would dye their hair those colors and wear light colored contacts to cover their muddy eyes and hair. Sometimes people get a tan so these light features would stand out more. There's also more elaborate names for lighter hair styles like blonde (instead of calling it yellow), strawberry blonde, auburn etc., because people are acknowledging their beauty. We all know a landscape of colorful flowers is more beautiful and fruitful than a dirt ground.

  • Not more beautiful

    I like all colors, but most attractive people have dark features and hair. They usually have more contrast, better skin and the women usually look better without makeup. Also, they out number the others, so there is more variations of skin tones, features, etc. There are exceptions, but this is usually the case with the public at large.

  • Eye of the Beholder

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are more types of beauty than blonde hair/blue eyes in the world...And even in the United states. Beauty comes in ALL shades and ALL eye colors. Blonde hair and blue eyes don't make you automatically more attractive no more than having dark hair and dark eyes make you less attractive. Although I find some with blonde hair and blue eyes attractive, I also know some who are not attractive to me. My personal preference is dark hair and beautiful dark eyes and dark skin. I know many who also feel this way which brings me back to my point - beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder!!

  • It's an opinion not a fact. Both completions can be pretty. Because you find it more attractive doesn't mean all people do.

    That's an opinion honey. Not a fact.I love blonde and blue eyes people and I tend to prefer platinum blond orange hair and crystal blue eyes or green eyes and find it more pretty than black hair and dark eyes but that's just my opinion. Just because you find it attractive doesn't mean everyone does.

  • No not to me.

    That is a personal choice in prefrance everybody is different. In what they are attracted to I personally find the Indian from India to be the most attractive and Arab woman as well. But that is my personal taste. This isn't a really valid debate topic because there is no fact here.

  • I beg to differ.

    While these traits may be considered attractive to some, others may very well find "darker ones" more attractive. In other words, the traits we find desirable are based on a matter of personal preference. Now if what you say is true, and that most people covet these features, that still would not mean that these features are objectively and universally more beautiful. Rather, I'd say that the society in which we live has conditioned us to perceive these traits as beautiful. Social conditioning, however, is just as subjective as personal preference. One society or culture will define beauty differently than another. Neither would be correct or incorrect.

    In short, no. Light hair and bright colorful eyes are not objectively more beautiful than their darker counterparts.

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