• Turn Off or Be Fined

    That we have so totally given into our cities' current state of light pollution is lazy and ridiculous. Lights stay on in businesses all night because it is cheaper to keep them running than to restart them. Why has this been allowed to happen? Businesses will never spend extra money for the sake of light pollution until the government steps in and creates regulations. Just as we control environmental waste, air emissions, we can monitor light emissions. People just have to care enough to say something.

  • Light Pollution can be eradicated

    Light pollution is something that hasn't received a lot of attention, but should. All one needs to do is take a trip at night out to an undeveloped area to see a view of the starts and galaxies that most people no longer get to experience. If attention continues to be paid to this issue and more and more companies, towns, and private individuals would decide to turn off non-essential lights at night, a sense of nocturnal normalcy would begin to return to the planet.

  • How do you pollute light?

    How is light polluting? Is this a joke? Light is just, you know, light. You can't dump a bunch or light into a river or burn it into smoke so how does that work? That is silly. When you turn on the light in your home or office or car you aren't polluting anything. The only bad effect is you can waste your money if you don't need the light. But it is just light and it doesn't hurt anyone so what is the problem.

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