Light pollution: Should light pollution be eradicated?

  • Could it humble us?

    I think maybe if we were able to see more stars in the night sky, we could admire the modest sky, recognizing how small we are and how much greater the universe is before us. I always find looking up to the stars a remedy in some way, i am able to calm myself down

  • Yes, we should eradicate light pollution for greater health.

    Light pollution is hurting us in many ways, some of which are still unknown. Of course there is the sense of disorientation from not having a true night where one can see the stars. But studies are being done to show that there is also some effect on physical healthy along with mental health, as the body's immune system is thrown off.

  • It should be fought, but not eradicated

    "Light pollution" cannot be truly eradicated if we wish to live in an industrial society. Our roads are lit with lights, our houses are lit with lights; our whole civilization runs on artificial light. Thus, it stands to reason that there will be some light pollution. However, there should be regulations on light pollution. For example, people (or stadiums) should not be allowed to use floodlights after a certain hour. Perhaps motion sensors could be used to make streetlights more effective, thus reducing light pollution.

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