Lil Wayne saved by a white cop at age 12; Are cops given a bad rap?

  • Yes, cops are given a bad rap

    Yes, cops are given a bad rap. It just does not make sense to believe that cops have never done anything good. The good cops do outweigh the bad ones, however, the bad stuff is the only thing that would make the news because the good stuff is part of their job.

  • Yes, cops are given a bad rap.

    Most law enforcement officers honor the positions they hold. They are dedicated to serving and put their lives on the line daily, for not enough pay or recognition. There are always rogues in every profession. Police who do their jobs don't make news; it's the bad cops who make the headlines because they are the exception, not the rule.

  • Yes, cops are often given a bad rap.

    Yes, cops are often given a bad rap. Law enforcement does tend to attract many people whose intentions are to gain control and assert their dominance. However, there are many police officers who have joined this profession in order to give back to their communities and improve the lives of their neighbors.

  • Cops are given a bad wrap

    Every profession has bad apples and good apples. It is the nature of humanity. There are good doctors and bad doctors. There are good lawyers and bad lawyers. It is the bad cops that get the attention. There are occasional feel good stories about cops doing the right thing, but that doesn't sell or fit the narrative that the media is generally trying to sell so those stories are rarely reported.

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