Limewire under attack: Should people who used Limewire have to pay damages to the music industry?

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  • It's a lost cause

    It is a lost cause to attempt to prosecute people who use Limewire and other similar software to download music and videos illegally. It is too easy for people to spoof IP addresses, so it is impossible to conclusively prove exactly who was the person who pirated what in order to claim damages.

  • It was too long ago.

    At the time the Internet came out, there were no rules about what information sharing meant from a legal standpoint. Most of the people who shared music were kids. This time has come and gone, and Limewire has been gone for many years. It is best to bury the hatchet and let people buy from Apple and Amazon in the future.

  • No, it's the industries job to protect itself.

    On a personal note, the entertainment industry is so vastly overpaid as it is, it's almost sickening to hear about those individuals demanding more from the public. In any case, who would they pay? The Board of Music? The Creator of Music? ....Oh wait, that's God! All that being said, there are people who work very hard in the music industry, and it would be frustrating for anyone who does if they felt they were being cheated or robbed - but the public feels they are being cheated and robbed too. The burden is on the industry to secure itself, to make it more attractive for people to purchase a luxury that is not necessarily anyone's to own.

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