Limitations on foreign investment: Is globalization and the integration of economies a good thing?

  • Yes, it leads to world peace.

    Yes, the globalization and integration of economies are a good thing, because they encourage people to work together. Moving investments to other countries is one way to spread the wealth, because those nations will benefit from the business and the interest that is produced in those countries. This is a good way to bring the world together and redistribute wealth.

  • Foreign investment is good, but only in moderation

    Globalization has some goods, however it has gone too far too fast and should be reined in. We have gotten to the point where corporations will choose which country to locate in based on who gives the best tax breaks or allows them to treat the environment most poorly. This is a poor solution to the world's economic woes. The economy should still be improved on a national basis, with the quid pro quo that reasonable levels of international trade and investment be allowed, just not at the steroid levels we have been seeing of late.

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