Lindsay Lohan confirms lovers list: Should she feel violated?

  • Yeah, by all of those guys.

    Her person should feel violated because she slept with so many people. She should be ashamed of herself. She is the shame of this country and she needs Jebus to make her hole. I disagree with how we allow women to be in the media. The media should be banned, because children can't see violence and $ex.

  • Even celebreties need privacy

    Lindsay Lohan has gone through a lot. She confirmed that she confirmed that 'Lovers List' was written by her , when she was in rehab. The hand written list with 36 names has leaked and that is direct attack on her privacy. That list may be reflects her mind and is very personal. It is absolutely justified if she feels violated.

  • Everyone deserves privacy in their personal life.

    Lindsay Lohan's lover list should not even be known to the public. It is her personal list of people she has had relationships which I believe to be a major violation of privacy. No one would like the public to know who they have been with so why are celebrities treated any different. They are people just like you and me.

  • People Should Mind Their Own Businness

    I imagine this story was leaked out by someone, without Lindsay Lohan's consent. It is not fair, but celebrities should always beware of the personal info that they may have not realized could be made public. That being said, it does not give anyone the right to violate her privacy like that.

  • Lohan leaves list where it can be easily found.

    Ms. Lohan seems to me to be constantly courting the news media with tawdry scandals and titillating hints of even more hidden secrets. This list was left where it could be easily found. I believe that Ms. Lohan knew exactly where the list was and that it was going to be shared with the media. I do not believe that this was a private or diary type writing. She wanted the news coverage. There is no violation here, just a savvy marketing ploy.

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