• Yes, I think so.

    There are recordings and other evidence of people looting businesses, starting fires and attacking innocent victims, and it is police duty to prosecute the perpetrators. Citizens need to know that the rule of law will be upheld, and criminals who destroy property and jeopardize lives will be held accountable. The damage caused by the fire was extensive and it is estimated that it will cost approximately $350,000 to repair and restore the building.

  • Arsonists should always go to jail

    The liquor store arsonist committed a serious crime, just as any other arsonist does. The fact that this arsonist had some sort of agenda should make no difference in their punishment. The fact is that they committed the crime of arson, they endangered people and destroyed property, and they must be jailed for this offense.

  • Yes, Jail Without Passing Go

    Arson is a crime any way that you look at it. It could have taken several people’s lives. Yes, this person should spend some time in jail if he committed the crime of arson. Not all first-time offenses should bring jail time, but this particular offense could have ended in death for other humans.

  • Arson is a big problem.

    Arson is far more common than people realize. In addition to destroying goods, arson creates a problem because it puts people's lives in danger. The fire fighters that have to put out arson have to risk their lives because someone wanted to start a fire. This should be severely punished as a lesson to others.

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