Lisa Lampanelli donates to pro-gay causes after seeing Westboro protesters: Are these protests in vain?

  • Yes, the anti-gay protests held by the Westboro Baptist Church serve no purpose.

    Yes, the anti-gay protests held by the Westboro Baptist Church serve no purpose. These protests do nothing to advance the homophobic causes of this church, and even turn off conservatives who may be sympathetic to their cause. This is because these protests are ridiculous and often target such beloved figures as fallen soldiers.

  • Yes, the Westboro protests are all in vain after Lisa Lampanelli donates to pro-gay causes because she is a true activists.

    The protesters will not succeed in their efforts to stop the voices of those that need to be heard in the gay community. Strong activists like Lisa Lampanelli will continue to come out in force showing their moral support as well as their financial support. It is because of people like Lisa Lampanelli giving to these causes that will eventually stop those who protest. The donation helps to assure that more will be done to stop the hate and the protests will be in vain.

  • Westboro are just a loud minority

    Westboro can cause as much noise as it wants, it will always be the minority. The population in general are happy to live in harmony, regardless of sexual orientation and religion. They are a dying breed, and personally I can't wait for the day they finally give up for good.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    the counter-protests continue to draw large numbers wherever Westboro Baptist Church goes. When seven members of the church, four of them children, arrived in Savannah to picket on Sunday, they were greeted by more than 200 locals waving placards proclaiming love and offering free hugs. The counter protesters were measured in their response out of the suspicion that the Westboro group deliberately tries to incite a reaction so that they can file a lawsuit and collect damages. Lampanelli even planned to make the donation in Westboro's name, effectively working against the group's goal of making homosexuals pay for their supposed sins.

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