Listeria Fruit Recall: Do recalls like these make you want to grow your own food?

  • Recalls like the Listeria Fruit recall does make me want to grow my own food.

    Recalls like the Listeria Fruit recall does make me want to grow my own food. It seems like Dangerous recalls like the Listeria fruit recall are happening more and more. Not only the recalls but the constant price raises for less and less product that aren't even healthy and grown with GMO's aren't worth it. Doing a little hard work to grow your own food that's not only healthy for you but free seems like the best option. But the Government is even trying to put a ban on growing your own food. The health problems that come with buying food at grocery stores these days are ridiculous. We should feel comfortable buying food from a grocery store, we should know that we won't catch a disease or eventually discover we have cancer because of the poor quality of food that are found in large chain stores. In conclusion I believe we could all benefit so much better if we just grew our own food. we would know what goes into the food and what was used on the food.

  • Growing my own food

    I have always dreamed about growing my own food and I really think that this is an admirable and extremely healthy tradition. I truly envy those people who have the abbility to grow their own food right at their backyard. Those families are really priviledged and I'd wish to have the same.

  • Yes, recalls in foods make me leary of what is being sold to consumers.

    While I understand that these things are unforeseen and can happen even under the strictest food handling procedures, it makes me question what all is going into my body from foods purchased at the grocery store. Everything is imported from other areas of the country, and while I trust the store where I shop, not everything is guaranteed. If time and area allowed, I would absolutely grow my own fruits and vegetables so that I know where the food I am feeding my family comes from.

  • I couldn't do it better.

    No, recalls like the Listeria Fruit Recall do not make me want to grow my own food, because I do not think that I would do any better of a job. Probably, I would end up having more food problems and food poisoning than if I leave it to the professionals. They just are the experts and I trust them more.

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