Listeria: Have you been potentially affected by the most recent contamination?

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  • No contamination here.

    As a family and a community we have not been affected by the most recent Listeria contamination. We are fortunate to grow much of our own food as well as be part of a local farming csa group. We buy as little processed or non local food as possible, thus avoiding many contamination outbreaks.

  • Local farmers markets of for the win.

    If you stay away from fruit that has been shipped in and buy from your local farmers markets you can probably avoid these issues. Living in a state that has not had any cases, you can buy local and then you know where your food came from and how many processes it would've gone through.

  • No, I have not.

    I am not near any of the current listeria outbreaks currently, but I was near one a couple years ago that involved some melon. It is very scary to think that this bug can extend to fruit and not just meat and cheese. I think most people assume that fruits and vegetables are safe from this sort of thing.

  • No, I have not been affected by Listeria

    Myself, nor any members of my family have been affected by the most recent outbreak of Listeria. In addition to growing our own fruits, the retailers listed who have recalled their fruit products are not retailers that we frequent, especially for fruit. Our family prefers our fruit freshly picked, not packaged.

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