Live anthrax sample unintentionally distributed: Should the public be worried?

  • Public should be worried over live anthrax sample that was unintentionally distributed

    The public should have some worry and concern over the live anthrax sample that was unintentionally distributed. Without proper precautions and care taken in this matter, there could be a lot of harm that is done from this accidental distribution. To be worried would be a normal response to this scare and will cause measures to be taken to keep safe.

  • Reckless movement of dangerous agents

    It is very disconcerting that dangerous chemical agents with the potential to be used weapons are being handled so recklessly. The mishandling of these weapons of potential mass destruction should be a cause of concerns for all citizens just like the mishandling of nuclear weapons that occured recently within the Air Force.

  • With the CDC Anthrax scare the public should be concerned but not worried.

    It was recently brought to light that the CDC "accidentally" mailed live Anthrax samples through the US Mail. While this sounds ominous and disturbing, there is no cause for worry. There should be concern, including a call for governmental investigations as to how this could occur, but the health risk to the public is very minimal.

  • No worries public

    The public should not worry about this unintentional distribution of live Anthrax spores as the samples were not sent to random people but to government own locations and the mistake was found immediately and because the mistake was discovered and recipients could be notified no one was injured or in danger.

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