Live in a multimillion-dollar home for $2,500: Would you live in a show home?

  • Live in a multimillion-dollar home for $2,500

    Who can say no to a proposal like that. To live in a multimillion-dollar home for $2,500 can help you get the feeling of what it is like to be super rich and reside in luxury, comfort and hi-tech gadgets. An offer like this can become the dream vacation or the unaffordable honeymoon for young couples who van not afford it.

  • Yes, I would live in one

    I would definitely live in a multimillion dollar home for $2,500. I will never get a chance to actually live in a home like that so that would be my only opportunity. i can't think of a reason why I wouldn't jump on the chance ifit was available, I would sign up any day!

  • No, living in a multimillion-dollar home would not be worth it.

    No, I would not choose to live in a show home. While the cost might be affordable to some, the lack of ability to truly make the home your own would ultimately not be worth it. Additionally, the fact that the home would be used on a regular basis to show prospective clients what they could expect from such an expensive dwelling would prove to be more than an inconvenient lack of privacy.

  • I would not live in a Showhome for $2,500

    I value my privacy extremely. One of the many reasons I would not want to live in a showhouse, even if being deeply discounted, is because of the constant foot traffic. I would not be comfortable even with pre-screened individuals coming into my home, with my child and my things, just for the opportunity to live in a "nicer" house for cheaper. I would rather pay less for a "less-nice" house and feel secure and safe.

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