Live with parents and have an active social life but unemployed (yes), or live alone with a job but no social life (no)? (Ages 18-24)

Asked by: Debo
  • Not Forever Alone

    It would be difficult and embarrassing, but I would rather be with friends and family than all by myself in some apartment or house. No parties 24/7 but occasional get-togethers and dates along the way wouldn't hurt. If I lived alone, I'd just fall asleep watching TV instead of trading stories with good friends until we pass out on the floor of my parents' basement.

    Posted by: Debo
  • Active social life

    Whats the point in living life if your not having fun and surrounded by the ones you love and who love you the most. Your provided with all the things you need, while you arent having a real life being supported by your parents, the fact is your still having a 'real life'

  • You only live once

    This is a tough question to answer, but there is a time when somebody needs to learn fundamental social skills, as these also apply in the employment world as well. It would be greatly beneficial to a person to be socially active early on, even during the college-aged years, because it will assist them later on in life. Job opportunities may or may not necessarily dry up, it's not a given, but a sociable person will always nail an interview.

  • Social living is the only way to truly be alive

    A social life is the only way to fulfill your true needs, and the way the question is worded you would have to be a sociopath to pick "no." If you can put in a share at least to cover your costs, and you are happy where you are, "what more is there" is my question.

  • This question would be more meaningful to me if it were about knowledge

    Knowledge is the true joy of life. If I'm living alone with a job and no social life if I'm still learning new things about the world, still learning new facts, still becoming more intelligent then I'm fine. An active social life can distract from that although it can also provide much needed energy and stimulation to keep yourself from being too tired to learn new things.

    So I'd prefer which ever of these possible worlds in which I have knowledge and am getting more knowledge.

  • Job will connect one with society and one can have a pretty much social life if one is employed. Besides there is financial freedom.

    For example doctors, lawyers, managers all are employed and all have social life and all have financial freedom. But if we live unemployed we will not have financial freedom which in my opinion is the biggest freedom.

    With job and finance comes girlfriend, marriage, life. These things one cannot have if one is unemployed.

  • If you are an adult you have no reason to live with your parents.

    Who cares about your social life? Grow up, take responsibility for your life, and stop mooching off your parents. Your social life should be the last of your concerns- get a job first. Even if it's one you think is beneath you, if you are an adult you need to ACT like one.

  • So Many Opportunities

    Where do you feed yourself and where do you get the strength to live?
    And if you had a job, couldn't you go and say "Hi, my name is Philip, or Joseph, or Selena! How are you today!
    If you have work then you probably have coleagues and you probably could make friends. So you have got it all now, when the other option takes away any chances.

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