Living in the country is better than living in the city?

  • Living in the country is better than living in the city.

    I think that living in the country is better than in the city because the quality of life when you are close to nature is better, Living in the countryside can guarantee more moments of leisure and contact with nature, Away from the pollution and stresses that are present in life in the city.

    Posted by: leh
  • Well living in the city might have more job opportunities

    Public transportation
    Cities harbor buses, Trains, Trollies, Bike shares, Light rail, Ferries, Trams, And more easily accessible ways to travel. According to the American Public Transportation Association, In 2011, Users of public transportation saved 865 million hours in travel time and 450 million gallons of fuel in nearly 500 urban areas with only the slight risk of sitting in pee on any given trip.
    "But I love my car! ", You shout suburban-ly. Guess what? According to Stanford, 66% of vehicle deaths occur on rural roads and non-city residents are more than twice as likely to die from a car accident than their city betters.

    You can get almost anything delivered whenever
    Waffles, Ice cream, A gyro, Your dry cleaning, Books, Kitty litter, Even karaoke machines -- if you live in a city, Almost anything can be brought straight to your door on the same day you order it. Now you're probably thinking that, What with Amazon, Same-day delivery is almost within your weaselly strip mall-loving fingers. Wrong!
    Jeff Bezos estimates that Amazon drones will only have a 10-mile radius. There's no way super high tech drone centers are just going to start popping up all over the country, Ready to service North West Appalachia Mountainville Nowheresberg.

    That's right: only cities will have access to these dystopian nightmare robot heralds of the end times hovering over our buildings delivering body wash! Ha!
    And speaking of cars, You don't need one. You can leave the monthly payments, Insurance, Maintenance, And all the hassle of owning a vehicle to friendly cab drivers, Who, For the most part, Will sort of take you where you need to go if you actually do need to travel by automobile.
    According to the AAA, The average cost of owning a typical Sedan in 2014 is about $740 a month. (sure, That's down from the average of $760 a month last year, But that doesn't support our argument so shut up). That's nearly nine grand a year that you can dedicate to renting a studio apartment with only five to seven roommates in a city. Such a better deal.

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