Living in the countryside is better than living in the city?

Asked by: 1Filipe
  • Because it is better

    There isn't as much traffic or smog or pollution from the industry. Ecologically speaking, The advantages of living in the country include eating locally grown food, Less pollution because cars are not idling in traffic as happens in the city, And land on which to grow your own food and raise your own animals.

  • Rural Areas best

    Hunting, Fishing (If able), Farming, Animals, Etc. - Plus, A repasting of a quote:
    " The countryside has no fast-food restaurants at every corner, And it offers enough and suitable space to grow our own food. At last, A silent place nearby the nature is perfect to someone that wants peace. "

  • The countryside is the best place.

    Living in the country is better than in the city because it is calmer there and the air is fresher. Also, The countryside has no fast food restaurants at every corner and it offers enough and suitable space to grow our own food. At last, A silent place nearby the nature are perfect to someone that wants peace.

  • I prefer the city.

    I think living in the city is way better than living in the countryside. Here are some reasons why: In the city, All of the stores you may need are nearby you. Other than that, In the city have more places you can go to have fun, Like restaurants or clubs. There are movie theaters in the city too and you can go to concerts.

  • You have better chances of surviving

    Sure you got to deal with people and deal with traffic and with less nature and with pollution. Still you have better chances there.

    Rural places mean less people and means less options. You have to marry whatever is there and small town might become too related to each other. There is enough a case of blue people emerging because of intermarrying.
    Solvable then you got to find someone to marry who is not from your town. That is the problem. See there is less money in town. Sure some families that own the only store or gas station might be well off but a lot of people are poor. There are no jobs because they will only hire the family. You can work as a ranch hand and work for other people but the pay will never be good. That is why young actually leave small towns to work in the city.
    Plus there is a strong chance of you getting ripped off because of price gouging in a small town.
    So if you don't have money you should be careful because economic growth is limited.
    Second is distance and resources.
    Some small cities have no clinics or hospitals or schools or even electricity.
    People from small towns laugh and scorn those places until they break their hand or fall down or get cut and need medical attention.
    Or they find out their child is uneducated. Sure they might know how to fish and hunt but they will lose to an educated man that can take their land because they do not understand taxes and law.

    Seriously those of you rural people who have internet reading this. I do not hate you. I actually like the outdoors. You have to be smart because you cannot rely on your neighbors all the time.

  • I prefer city

    There are some good points of living in a city. The first one is you can get anything you need because all of stores are nearby you. Also, A lot of opportunities are waiting for you in the city, Such as job offerings or further studying chances that help you to develop and complete yourself. Another point is quality of facilities is modish and comfortable, Which improves your life a lot.

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