Living next to a nuclear power plant: Can you still receive harmful levels of radiation?

  • Yes, you can receive harmful levels of radiation living next to a nuclear power plant.

    Most nuclear power plants are very far away from civilizations. This is because it can leak radiation and that is not good for humans. We all receive some levels of radiation throughout our life time but the amounts are small and that is not enough to do much danger. When you live next to a nuclear power plant, you will get more radiation than the average person and this will be bad over time.

  • Yes, of course.

    These researchers are trying to suss out how to construct an accurate portrait of the cancer risks posed by living near a nuclear power plant, which is much harder than it sounds. Studies from France and Germany suggest that kids living within 3 miles of nuclear plants have double the risk of developing acute leukemia as those living farther away, and that the peak impact is on children aged 2 to 4; but the U.S. government’s take has historically been, “Don’t worry, be happy.”

  • No, living near a nuclear plant is very safe

    Numerous studies have shown that there is almost no risk to people who live near nuclear power plants. Previous nuclear accidents and disasters, such as the one in Chernobyl, are highly unlikely to reoccur. Technology and knowledge of safe practices have vastly improved in recent decades and the public has good reason to trust science.

  • There are regulations.

    Living near a nuclear power plant is safe. There are many regulations that keep people safe from radiation today. What happened in the Ukraine was many years ago, and it occurred under a government system that did not have the checks and balances that a free, democratic society has. There is little to worry about.

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