• Lizard people do it underground

    The lizard society does it under ground. You don't see lizard in suit. Why? Because they ar e FBI and CIA in dis giu se. Do yoiu habe counter prof? I don t thnik so. . . . . . They are very real and exist and if you think other wise you are dumb dumb

  • Lizards are cold blooded

    If I was a lizard person this would be the absolute first item on my list of Maslow's hierarchy of needs (after food and shelter. ) Having thrived through the great warmining of the industrial revolution and the recent down play of science lizard people are the only logical conclusion imho.

  • Lizard People Don't Exist

    Like the headline says, Lizard people don't exist. Do you have any proof? No. That was a rumor spread by conspiracy theorists. And plus, Even if they existed, They couldn't leave their hiding spot because we would kill them on the spot. They can't make CO2 because only we have the materials for it.

  • Flat Earth duh

    There are options beyond your so called lizard people. For instance due to the elliptical nature of earths celestial path in conjunction with the gravity of the sun and seismic activity on the moon. All I am saying is you are wrong; look for planet nine twenty twenty one conjunction!

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