• BRO, You have no proof

    Number 1, The CDC has to pay the government half their profit after a vaccine is made, And you've read too much epoch times, And a paranoid of communists, You are a stupid conspiracy theorist and have no proof for your claims, Go back to talking about Roswell you conspiracy theorist

  • I 'think so

    The argument about wanting to avoid having the medical system overwhelmed makes sense to me. I suppose it goes the same for the rest of society as well. Rather than the work force being impaired to an unknown extent by the virus, Better to batten down the doors for a bit, Observe and see how best to react. Better for a populations life and health. Though the economy 'is injured by this, Doesn't have to be forever, Also ways around lockdown problems can/are found I imagine.
    Though people disparage appeal to authority, It's another faucet for my opinion. I 'do trust my government, In the 'broad sense. Trust 'experts, In a broad sense. Though not 'always.
    I do look upon this more as opinion than something I'm certain of though. Not something I've thought 'too hard about, Or bothered to look up facts/statistics/info about the virus, Or how we should deal with it. Or the ramifications of 'how we deal with it. On an individual level, It doesn't really matter for me. Same way big economics doesn't matter for me. Best individual strategy is to horde and scrooge your money, Not be spendthrift. Rest of society will take care of the bigger problems.
    . . . Conwise, I suppose our rights being curtailed is worrisome, Economy freeze a bit worrisome especially for smaller business and people, And that bit of viscous survival of the fittest thought.

  • Beneficial to leftists and China

    Look at the past years, China has a new disease and Who get their economy increased?
    China and every leftist that supports them.

    Why not doing lockdowns for the Common Flu, SARS, AIDS and every other pandemic that has happened that have a higher death rate?

    Because this one is a SCAM orchestrated by China and their servants, The WHO, Fauci, Gates amd the MSM.

    And before starting the BS that I'm a "Trump supporter", SOY LATINO, Malditos Socialistas!

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