Lockers in elementary schools: Should students at middle school have lockers?

  • Yes they should because....

    Then they won't be tempted to play with stuff in their desks and won't disrupt the class when the teacher sees. Also they will have more organization so I think they should. However only 4th and 5th should have it only, because younger kids might not be ready for such a complicated thing.

  • Kids absolutely, positively, need lockers

    Nobody wants to carry around heavy backpacks all day. Multiple textbooks hurt your back. Students could get scoliosis! If middle schools had lockers then that would be like their own liitle private spot in school. Girls also like to decorate their lockers. Lockers will teach students responibility. Lockers would be the solution to the problem.

  • Yes we should!

    My school does not have lockers, which I hope my essay will prove that we NEED lockers! 4th and up should be having lookers all around the US! Elementary schools should have lockers! Desks are stuffed and more places for books and school supplies are needed! We need lockers! Lockers

  • Yes they should have lockers

    Students should have lockers because at school my teacher makes us keep all our old math notebooks that have no more room in them in our desks which takes up a lot of room. Also now she is making us keep our french duo tangs in there. Now whenever i need to put something in or take something out i have to take my math text book out too.

  • Lockers for everyone

    I am a 5th grader in Palo Alto. I think our schools should have lockers because students will be able to be more organized (don't pay attention to comics). Also, students won't have all their items at their desk, so they won't feel as tempted to play with their items. It can also offer students a sense of privacy. So I say allow lockers in elementary schools.

  • Yes they should have lockers

    Lockers look fancier in elementary schools. You can have personal stuff in their. Lots of people agree with me and I think that people who disagree with me dont have a phone that they want safe so if you want lockers write a letter to your principle about why lockers are important

  • Lockers are important

    All elementary schools should have lockers. Students desks are full of stuff and the coat closets are overflowing. If the kids had lockers they would have less clutter. Also transitions would be easier because kids would not have to search through their desks to find things. As long as kids are responsible there would be no problems with having lockers. If kids are irresponsible then don't let them use a locker. It is that simple.

  • Lockers are for all

    I think students at middle school should have lockers, the need a place to store there books, and sometimes taking all those books home can be difficult on the child's back, and a struggle, so yes students should have lockers, but the lockers should be checked often by school officals at anytime.

  • We do need them.

    Some people can be rude and steal things off of peoples desks. But if they had lockers they could not steal from them because they don't know the codes. And lockers have more space than desks. So people don't have to take like 2 to 5 min just to find a highliter or a book. Thats why I think 3 and up should have lockers.

  • Lockers in Middle School?

    Yes,we need them because not everyone wants to carry their bags and books all day.Our backs can ache carrying books around.I mean we all want a place that would be safe to leave around and don't have to worry about.Also a place to settle all our things where it won't be crowded.

  • Why do we need them?

    There stressful,were doing fine with out them, and we stay at desks most of the day! And what if your stuff gets stolen? And they cost a lot!
    Why do we need them? That's why we don't have them! Plus we are too young and will forget the codes for them!

  • Lockers are a waste of money.

    Younger students already have their own desks. Why pay more for a complicated solution that most younger kids won't be able to understand? Opening a locker may also be challenging. Students of younger ages could be late for their ONE class. It's not like they have to carry heavy backpacks around campus! Students will also lose locks and mess around with them. Overall, lockers are not needed in elementary school.

  • Waste of money

    In middle School and high school you generally need locker's to store many things for different classes but in elementary school you are only in one class all day. And if somebody argues that kids need a place to store their phone then just don't bring it in elementary school or just keep it in your pocket.

  • We've done just fine without them for years so why start now?

    Like someone already said kids who are in elementary school mostly stay in one classroom with just their one main teacher; and only go to other classrooms with different teachers like music or gym plus they have their desks for storage as well, not to mention the kids can each just have their own personal cubby compartments for their stuff in the classroom which is sort of like a locker in a way.

  • Elementary schools dont need them

    Most students in elementary schools dont have much to take home whereas middle school students normally have more depending on there classes and teachers. Also in elementary school most students could forget the combination and want to talk, even though middle school students like talking too. Anyways i think only middle schools and high schools should have lockers.

  • No, in elementary schools, lockers are generally not needed.

    Lockers are generally not needed at the elementary school level, since students typically stay in one classroom, aside from outside courses (like music or gym) that may not require books. Books can often be kept within a desk that opens, thus making it easier to just use a backpack and desk for storing books and other school supplies.

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