• As in every city, pollution is a problem

    London is just one good example of the dying world of ours. China, Japan, all good examples. And if someone dares to even think that pollution is not a problem (the biggest one in this world) then I wish to debate with them. Pollution, as it is now, is more dangerous than terrorism, brexit or any other problem. Maybe not to our generation but what do you think there will be left of this beautiful earth in few hundred years if we don't do something.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Some politician needs to grasp the nettle and start restricting or banning Diesel engines. Costs should be laid at the door of the manufacturers who lied about emmissions; they'd surely prefer that to corporate manslaughter charges that they ought to face? Public transport would need overhauling and it would take a major adjustment but would be perfectly possible - use cleaner technology and it's even more of a win.

  • Yes, Pollution is London's Most Serious Problem

    London's air pollution limits are set to be reached within this month. This is an extremely serious problem for the health of people living in London. This is also a serious problem for everyone as the levels of pollution that London creates are damaging the rest of the country and world.

  • No, housing prices are an even bigger problem.

    No, pollution is not London's most serious problem. Although London is facing major pollution issues, these problems can be taken care of easier than the city's housing problem. A lack of affordable housing has led to horrendous commute times for many workers and has also contributed to London's growing homeless problem.

  • I don't think pollution is London's most serious problem

    Pollution is a serious problem across the globe but I think London's most serious problem is Brexit. The U.K. is suffering from a currency devaluation that is only a short-term affect of Brexit. I don't think things will improve much over the next months or years for the United Kingdom.

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