Look out, Louisville: Things click early for Clemson: Can Clemson beat Louisville?

  • I'm a Louisville fan

    I have been a Louisville football/basketball fan my entire life and you can never say 100% a team can not be the other and the fact that Louisville just last week was #10 in the nation played #2 Florida state and beat them by 43 anything can happen this will be a good game

  • Yes, Clemson can beat Louisville.

    Yes, Clemson can beat Louisville because anything can happen in college football. One player could get injured while another could have the game of his life. No one can accurately predict the score of a game. If he claims to know the outcome, he is lying; Clemson has a real chance.

  • Clemson can beat Louisville

    The Clemson Tigers can beat Louisville in their football match up. Clemson is undefeated, and won its games in convincing fashion. Clemson is a top 10 ranked team, and is led by a Heisman Trophy candidate and a very good defense. Clemson recently beat Georgia Tech, a good football team.

  • Yes they can.

    Clemson has shown a great force of strength and some impressive moves on the field in their early games. They have clearly grown as a team, and it is very clear that they now have the ability to win against teams like Louisville that beat them in the past. They are a great team this year.

  • Yes, Clemson can beat Louisville.

    Clemson can beat Louisville if the team stays focused on the fundamentals. Clemson must have a strong offensive line to protect its quarterback. The offense must be able to run and pass the ball effectively. Also, the defense must stop Louisville from moving the ball down the field. In short, Clemson can certainly beat Louisville with the right game plan.

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