Looking at the events commencing, do you think that Romney was the better candidate?

Asked by: zkeddari
  • His battle plan was superb, better than Obama.

    Anybody who watched the Presidential debates will tell you that Romney absolutely annihilated Obama (remember when he stared into the space). The facts are facts, instead of putting up walls to stop the debt he has increased the flow. He supports drones, has left, for no good reason, Guantanamo Bay open, he has no opinions or biases and seems about as wishy-washy a president as you can get.

    Could Romney have saved us? Maybe not, but he would have done a better job. Obama just snuck by because, lets face it, he's black and thus automatically gets a cut of the black vote, especially when a conveniently timed Trayvon Martin case pops up right around election time (remember we didn't know what ethnicity Zimmerman was?).

    He sits on a throne of lies.

  • Without a doubt.

    I was pretty bummed when Obama won and Romney lost. Looking at the present events the Obama administration is clueless. Mitt Romney was a businessman, people say America is business, well I'd take the businessman over the guy that has no clue. Barack Obama has spent more than any president and has spent more than all of them combined. I could go on but this just an opinion, not a debate.

  • Yeah he was

    The evidence that obama was a bad president existed before the 2012 election.He was spent more money than any of the past presidents combined.He is driving us into the fiscal cliff and yet he gets the undeserving praise he gets today.Romney on the other hand, he owned a business and is great with money.But he did not get nearly as much support.Its as if everyone got dumb at once and thought that just because obama killed osama makes him a way better president

  • Romney had a multitude of policy, personality, and economic problems as a presidential candidate.

    Like it or not the 2009 stimulus ended the Great Recession in the US within six months, something to be remembered. While the recovery has not been as strong nor have as many jobs been produced since to restore employment to levels before the Great Recession. The stimulus as many have argued was too small to have such effect as the severity of the downturn was underestimated. Otherwise; Obamacare is not the economy killing law many have claimed it to be; the debt should not be our focus right now but it is at high levels due to the hit the tax base took during the recession. Iraq is having problems of our own but thankfully they are not ours to deal with. Afghanistan is not going to fall to the Taliban like it did in the 90's; the state is improving.

    Now Romney; 47 percent should have been and was reason enough to not give Romney the presidency. Second, he offended Latinos including myself, with his ideas on immigration. His supply side economic theory has no justification statistically. His flip flops would have earned him a place and possibly gold medal at the Olympics were he too have joined the US team. Accept his loss and accept Obama has a second term.

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