Loretta Lynch meets privately with Bill Clinton: does Hillary have something to hide?

  • Of course Hillary Clinton has something to hide.

    I agree that Hillary Clinton has something to hide. Every presidential candidate and politician has something to hide. They will never be 100% public with their agendas, it is unheard of. Just because Loretta Lynch meets with Bill Clinton in private does not mean it has anything to do with what Hillary Clinton is hiding.

  • Yes, the death penalty is justified in extreme cases

    I do believe the death penalty is justified in cases in which meet the US Eighth Amendment- aggravated murders committed by mentally competent adults. However, I do believe that the method by which the death penalty occurs should be lethal injection. Other forms of capital punishment that degrade or prolong/increase the pain of the criminal create a type of "revenge" mentality that I do not believe humans should portray. Also, the criminal must be 100 percent without a doubt guilty. Taking the life of an innocent person to "right" another's wrong is unacceptable.

  • Everyone has something to hide

    Yes, Hilary probably has something to hide. Most people do, especially if they've spent a lifetime in politics. However, Loretta Lynch meeting privately with Bill Clinton is not necessarily an indicator of a cover-up of skeletons in the closet. She and Clinton have said that their meeting was mostly social, discussing grandchildren and other commonalities. Perhaps this is true.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton has something to hide.

    Yes, Hillary Clinton has something to hide. Bill Clinton's private meeting with Loretta Lynch while the Department of Justice is investigating Hillary Clinton appears to be a serious conflict of interest. As Bill Clinton has a history of trying to run interference for his wife, this meeting looks as if it is yet another example of his trying to deflect negative attention away, indicating that there may be something that Hillary is hiding that the DOJ may be on the verge of uncovering.

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