• Yes, Russia is cutting corners in safety.

    I think Russia is cutting corners in the safety of their space program. This was the fourth time in 25 months that Russia has had a failure while attempting to send a ship to the space station. Before that they had only lost 1 ship in nearly 16 years. I believe they need to step up their safety in order to continue to progress with their space endeavors or there could be a bigger.

  • Yes, Russia does cut corners regarding safety.

    Russia is a country that has had a lot of issue financially. Spacecrafts are extremely expensive, and for a country that struggles to bring money into their country, they need to save money somehow. This leads to them changing how they make their spacecraft and what they are made off.

  • Russia always cuts corners.

    Anyone who thinks Russia is meticulous in its scientific pursuits is deluding themselves. Russia only cares about coming out on top globally, it doesn't care about its' people or even science. All Russia wants is to show the world how great it is, even if that means jeopardizing human lives and scientific protocols in the name of success.

  • Yes, Russia is cutting corners in safety.

    Yes, Russia is cutting corners in safety because they will do whatever it takes to get ahead. They always want to be the best at everything so if it means losing lives or spacecrafts, it does not matter to them. They will continue to think of the strength of their image first.

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