Louis Lerner IRS controversy: Are the taxes of conservatives more heavily scrutinized than those of liberals?

  • In this Administration, Conservative Organizations are Targeted

    There is no doubt that the Obama IRS targeted conservative organizations. Liberal organizations were unharmed while the paperwork of conservative organizations was held up. Conservatives were audited more and dealt with more red tape. The claim that the IRS conveniently lost all these emails is totally unbelievable and obviously a cover up.

  • This is the Politics of Our Age

    I agree that conservative groups where likely targeted unfairly. However, this is the political climate that we live in. Had a Republican been in the White House then they would have done something similar to the liberals. Washington is a political war zone, and these people will do anything to bring down their enemies.

  • Yes, the taxes of conservatives are more heavily scrutized than the taxes of the liberals.

    Because the conservatives are more closely associated with churches, non profits, and other organizations that often carry a tax exempt status, conservatives tend to get more attention when it comes to taxes. Liberals tend not to worry about money quite as much, unless they feel that their salaries and bonuses are in some sort of danger.

  • No Liberals are more scrutinized

    I do not think that conservatives are more heavily scrutinized. I think if anything they are the first ones to make allegation's and finger point about taxes. I think a tax is a tax and should not matter what political party that you belong too. Everyone regardless of what party has to pay the same amount so it shouldn't even be brought up.

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