Louisiana flood victims worried : Should the federal government step in to provide financial aid to flood victims in Louisiana?

  • The federal government should provide financial aid to Louisiana flood victims

    One of the responsibilities of the federal government is to protect the people of the United States. That is why the Federal Emergency Management Agency in 1979. States rarely have the financial resources to help when natural disasters are devastating. Louisiana's recent flooding has been called the "worst natural disaster" since Hurricane Sandy. On that basis, FEMA, the federal government agency, should provide financial aid to flood victims.

  • I believe the federal government should provide financial aid to the flood victims of Louisiana.

    In most cases floods are not covered by insurance companies, often leaving victims of this disaster unprotected against damage and loss of property. It should then be left in the federal government's hands to provide financial aid to the victims of flooding ensuring that they can piece their lives back together.

  • Help is needed.

    The flooding in Louisiana is awful, and West Virginia also experienced catastrophic flooding during this summer. The federal government has programs in place to help people who are dealing with disasters. FEMA is already on site and helping. However, people need to band together to help others, too, instead of 100 percent relying on the government.

  • Their state can help

    The federal government should not always step in, because then the USA is picking winners and losers among states and citizens. Each state should build up its own coffers to be able to help their own people in an emergency. If other states want to help, they should be able to do so voluntarily.

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