• Yes, the floods will result in lost homees, jobs and lives

    This argument would stem down to what people consider to be a major impact. As a Canadian the Louisiana floods have little affect on myself or my family. That does not mean that there is not a major impact. Thousands of people's lives were changed forever due to the floods.

  • It is a problem

    Flooding in Louisiana has been a big problem for several years. All the way from Katrina to today, there are big problems with flooding in Louisiana. Business people will be more hesitant to set up shop in the region if they know that their insurance will be through the roof for flood damage.

  • Yes, the most recent Louisiana flood will have a major impact.

    The Red Cross has called the flooding of Louisiana this past August the worst United States disaster since Hurricane Sandy. Because we are well aware of the devastating impact that catastrophe caused, I feel 100% certain that, unfortunately, Louisiana will suffer a terrible impact as well. The 13 deaths alone provide the impact for me.

  • Flooding in Louisiana will have a major impact

    Any time there is a flood property and people's lives are impacted in a major way. When personal property as well as housing is damaged or destroyed the clean-up effort is huge. Many people will have to repair damage that they cannot afford, and many others will become homeless after a major flood.

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