• When in doubt wipe 'em out!

    Love never fails! When it does, flood the Earth, and then go right back to that loving thing never failing! I mean honestly I approve of the method to be fair; I have a disobedient abhorrent annoying stupid child and what do I do? Kill it and REDO!

    Sweet, sweet love.

  • Absolutely yes! Horee!

    Yeah who know love know it. That love from God the creator never fails, it shows simulation in human parent child kind loves even in animals. Such blessing could not be describe by wordy. And come the Christ Jesus, to show us in His action. Yeah! Amin. I am not talking about religious, not talking about nations but i am talking about Him only. In Him only be shown perfect love.

  • Love can falter.

    Love is just an emotion, just like any other. It can change or go away. Just because you think you're experiencing "true love," it doesn't mean that feeling will last forever. Regardless if you believe that it's a "blessing from God" or something of that sort, that doesn't change the fact that nothing lasts forever.

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joning.78 says2014-09-10T17:38:04.527
Truly, truly nothing will last forever. Only and only the True Creator, God. Will forever. Thus, God's love is forever. Humankind love could not compare God's love. Thus, Love never fails!