• Youre a goat

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  • I would rather..

    I'll keep it brief.

    There is a gap in the soul that all humans seek to fill. One is natural and the other is an artificial substitute. I would pick love over money because when a person finds true love, they find satisfaction and this gives rest for the soul. With money, you would want more, you can work yourself to the ground for money and still not be satisfied, you can own all the money in the world and still fill empty. Finding love even in the smallest entity in the world, will fill you up.

  • Money always wins out over love.

    Money always wins out over love. You can not spend love on the necessities in life. Therefore I feel that money would always win. There will always be greed when it comes to the money in our society and love usually does not hold out. Money will always be around to be earned.

  • Neither, You make a life by what you give

    Competitors do not see it this way. To them, making money is an overriding goal so they and their families can live in "style." In the name of money they run in the rat race. When they win and become CEO rats, they wonder why they are depressed and unhappy with their lives.
    The reason is simple. They do not have a larger purpose. There is no meaning in the work they do. They are not being helpful to people. They are not givers, but takers. They are not cooperators but competitors.
    Cooperators have a vision to serve other people. If they help others by doing what they love to do they eventually reach self-actualization

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