• Yes, it is.

    Not everyone is okay with inter-racial marriage. There is lots of racism in society. Some black people and some white people, even bi-racial people feel like inter-racial marriage is an affront on their culture. This does not mean that inter-racial marriage is a bad thing, just that not everyone approves.

  • Some still frown upon inter-racial marriage

    Unfortunately, even in 2016 there are still some people with racist or prejudiced attitudes who still believe that people should marry within their own race and that inter-racial marriage should be outside of the norm. Most people will agree that inter-racial marriage shouldn't be legal, and a growing number of people, especially young people, see no problem with inter-racial marriage.

  • Inter-racial marrige is no longer frowned upon.

    Today, inter-racial marriage a normal part of society. It is absolutely acceptable to the majority of Americans, in my opinion. I do understand that there are parts of the country that may be more secluded or individuals with personal traumas and issues that do not accept inter-racial relationships, but this must be the minority.

  • Most people are for it.

    People's opinions and attitudes have come a long ways since the days of Loving vs. Virginia. Most people in the United States now know that any two people can love any two other people. In the end, most different cultures in the United States have mixed. There is not a certain culture for each race. Rather, we are all just loving Americans.

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