• Yes, the Candidates contributed to low voter turnout.

    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were part of one of the most polarizing election cycles in American history. Many voters had strong opinions about both of the candidates, which took the form of unquestioning loyalty and ambivalence. For many voters, both candidate choices were so anathema that they could not see themselves supporting either one, and instead opted for either a third-party candidate or even a write-in. For example, voters across the nation wrote in "Harambe," a gorilla who was killed after a child fell into his enclosure, to protest the candidate options.

  • The selection of candidates is probably a big reason for low voter turnout

    There is no doubt that the selection of two very unlikable candidates is the reason folder turnout was so low. Face it, how many people held their collective noses to vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? All I can say is thank god that Hillary Clinton is not our president.

  • Candidates to blame

    I do think that the current candidates were the reason why voter turnout was the lowest that it has been for 20 years despite all of the popular and media interest in the election this time round. I believe that the turnout, as well as the result, shows a disillusionment with the candidates on offer.

  • People do not have strong opinions.

    Whether people vote does not have that much do to with the candidates. Rather, people have responsibilities every day. It is hard to find time to take out of the day to stand in line to vote. There are some people who always vote, and there are others who cannot make the time. Society is busier than it was in the past.

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