• Lower it to zero damn society!

    Children are more than mature by then and should not be denied rights. Age is an inconstant measure of maturity and should be outlawed. It is hard to understand the exact discrimination society has right now, I understand that, But rights are rights, And humans are humans and society should see children and adults are equals.

  • If they can't drive yet, Which they shouldn't be - let them play CIVILIZATIONS.

    The sophistication often referred to as a blase' character doesn't show interest, Nothing does. They only way to attract children to this world we live in is to prove that magic not only exits it berates idiocy.
    Now, For example, The upcoming election wouldn't you prefer to have your child's opinion than that the dufus living in someone else's birdbrained cottage down by the lake.

  • 14 year olds are adults

    The voting age should be abolished. Once children are taken seriously they will become more mature how can you say that children are too young to vote when there are the bummbleing imbeciles in power biologically one is an adult at age 12 if children can mature given the opportunity then of course 14 year olds who are biologically adults will. The key to this is the abolition of the traditional family.

  • Most adults don't know how to vote: why would a Kid be able to vote?

    Most voters don't vote for good reasons, Or at least for really vague, Ignorant or just selfish reasons. . . As soon as you please them, They'll vote for you! Even if it rises public deficit, Meh, "at least he did [Insert only 1 reason]". . .

    And knowing that: how could we let teens vote?

  • No, Absolutely not.

    14 would be way too young. Not only do most 14-year-olds not even care for politics, Even when they do, Their ideals are mostly just direct copies of their parents' or teachers'. Most still have the mind of a kid, Not thinking about consequences. How are you going to run a country like that? Voters need to be rational and think about more besides their own ideals: what does this country need? "Child voters" is obviously not the answer to that question.

  • No, Too Young

    I think that 14 is too young to exercise voting rights. The common age when you are legally no longer a minor is 18, And even then, We still have laws preventing you from drinking, And now smoking. Realistically, We should make all of these rights viable at a common number. I don't think that number should be 14, But if it was, Then why wouldn't we also be required to say that 14 is the age that a person can be tried as an adult in a court of law? Why wouldn't we be required to say that 14 is the age when a person becomes eligible for a military draft.

  • Why would you do that

    Literally makes no sense. Most 14 year olds do not even know what each party even stands for let alone candidates. They will just vote like their parents so parents with kids will basically have two votes and have twice as much power in elections. Not fair at all re tard

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