Lowering of drinking age: Do 16 - 18 year olds deserve the right to drink?

  • Wtf do you Americans do with your life? You cant drink until 21? What a fucking joke.

    I'm 16 and in my country 16 year olds are legally allowed to buy alcohol, go out and have fun. I always drink responsibly and my mom knows everything I do. I can tell my mom that I'm going to a bar and she'll be fine. I have always been taught to drink responsibly, never do drugs and I am a very moral person. I think that it is the parents job to educate there kids about alcohol not the governments. Idk if you ask me, life would be boring if I couldn't go to a bare on a Friday night. So if I ever end up in America idk what I would do on a Friday night. What do you Americans do? Stay at home and play video game?

  • 18? Sure. 16? No.

    16 year olds should not drink. They barely know how to drive, and adding alcohol won't help. But 18 year olds can vote, are legally adults, can own houses, have jobs, and go to war. Why should an 18 year old be allowed to go and quite possibly get killed in a war, but not be allowed to drink? I think we should either let 18 year olds drink, or raise the voting/legal adult age/military age to 21. And that obviously won't work...

  • 18 year olds may be eligible to drink; not 16.

    It is not uncommon within other countries to have a lower drinking age, if any, mandated by federal law. The United States specifically has one of the highest drinking age requirements in the world. I believe if the permitted drinking age is lowered to 18, it would not cause significant damage to society. If 18 is legal age of eligibility within the military, then why aren't they able to have a harmless drink?

  • No, 16-18 year olds do not deserve the right to drink.

    Children do not deserve the right to drink. They are incapable of making consistent sound decisions on a day to day basis. Allowing them to legally consume alcohol is signing their death warrant for driving around drunk. This is a terrible idea. There is nothing constructive that could come from lowering the drinking age.

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