Lowering of drinking age: Do drinking ages make drinking rebellious and cool?

  • yes, lowering of drinking age will make drinking less rebellious and cool.

    Drinking ages are established to help regulate the laws around alcohol and limit underage alcohol consumption. However, studies show that many youths had their first drink in High School around the ages of 15-16. I am not saying that drinking ages should be set at 16, but I believe if drinking ages were to be set at 18, like voting or smoking cigarettes ages, it will reduce the time and the number of illegal alcohol consumers. Although many youths have their first drink at 15 or 16, they really become heavy drinkers and engage in binge drinking and other alcohol related rebellious acts during their years in college, when they are away from their parents.

  • No, I do not think so.

    Even if we lower the drinking age we would still have teens drinking long before they are supposed. It is not because it is rebellious as much as just there way of having fun. I think what would happen is those who stay away because of the law will now jump on the band wagon.

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