Lowering of drinking age: Should the drinking age be lowered from 21 to 14?

  • I think they should!!

    I think this a very smart and a good idea!!!, I wouldn't mind if they did, anybody who drank at 14 would get speech impediments, and pronounce their R's as W's, I think it is such a good idea!!!, and they would write sloppy, like a kid!!!, it would be a good idea, I can't wait!!

  • Ridiculous Idea By Any Means

    I, personally, come from the UK so here the drinking age is actually 18. I believe that the age of 21 is ridiculous, but making the age 14 would be a recipe for disaster. I come from an area where drinking starts from around the age of 14, however, being there myself I know that it would be a ludicrous idea to make it legal, as 14 year olds are NOT old enough to be purchasing alcohol! You can't class a minor as being able to buy alcohol, it is a terrible terrible idea.

  • An idea worse than a chocolate teapot

    As a teenager I can say I know a lot of people who drank when they were younger. Truth is lowering the drinking age is just gonna influence teenage binge drinking. Oh and don't get me started on the kids who would be stupid enough to perform sexual acts at such a young age under the influence. Of course the age of consent exists but some foolish teens ignore it, and who's to stop them when they're drowning in buckfast and alcopops?

  • Brain Development Still Happening

    When you are 14 your brain is still growing. If they drink brain development will be mucked up and they will grow up disabled and unable to do things. They will lose memory and won't know how old they are. Would you like your children to be like that?


  • Lowering the drinking age from 21 to 14 would be a very bad idea.

    I believe that 21 is a good legal drinking age. We have to be very careful when establishing
    a legal drinking age because alcohol is potentially fatal. Many people have drank too much too quickly
    and died of alcohol poisoning. People
    below the age of 21 are often too irresponsible to be trusted with life or
    death decisions.

  • Do not lower the drinking age.

    Though I do actually think that the drinking age should be lowered, I think that it should be to 18 and not 14. At 18 someone is legally an adult, and if you can vote and fight in a war you should be responsible enough to have alcohol. At 14 you are not responsible.

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