Lowering the voting age to 16: Should the voting age be lowered to 16?

  • We Need to Change With the Times

    All the people on here talking about how immature teens are, are really starting to piss me off. Teenagers aren't only the stupid kids you see getting busted for drinking or partying. Those people give all of us a bad name. I'm 15 myself. I helped my dad with college math, and had political talks with my mom. You can talk about stupid teenagers who do what their friends want all you want, but grown adults do the exact same thing. We should have as much say in our future as you do.

  • voting age should be lowered to 16

    Voting age should be lowered to 16. Young people are active and informed. Lowering the voting age would help bring more informed and active voters and will help keep the politicians in check. Young people would help bring a diverse perspective and their inclusion in the pool of voters will make politicians think about them.

  • I say yes that kids at the age of 16 should vote and here is why.

    Some kids at this age have jobs; cars; and pay taxes. If that's what adults do and they get a bonus we should get is too. We go to school and we try to learn more about all of this political stuff. I think that teens should be able to vote too.

  • Yes, Of course.

    Many people will say that teens are immature and incapable of making mature decisions. While teens may be bad at making split second decisions, They are very capable of making long term decisions when they have months or even years of time to think about it beforehand, Just like elections.

  • They will inherit the world shaped by our political decisions.

    Today's 16 year olds will have to live with the results of the failed policies of our elected officials. The teens that are likely to vote will be ones that are mature enough and informed enough to make valid choices. Teenagers have finely honed instincts for when adults are spewing a load of BS so aren't likely to fall for nonsensical campaign promises. They are also more open-minded and inclusive, qualities that are likely to re-invigorate democracy in America.

  • We need to have a say in our own future!

    There is no real reason why 16 year olds shouldn't have a say. At the end of the day, it's us whose future is affected for the longest. To deny us of a say in our OWN futures seems very hypocritical. Yes, I agree, some 16 year olds aren't mature enough, but giving us the right to vote DOES NOT make it mandatory. Those who want to vote will, and this who don't want to and have no interest in politics, well they don't have to

  • We deserve to be listened to

    Teens are of the second generation and when the previous generation dies, we will be the ones to make the decisions. This is our world as well! Also, we need practice for this sort of thing in the future, and when we are 18 and what we call ready now, we will need a rough idea about what is coming, and it won't suffice to practice it in the classroom, we need to be properly prepared.

  • It would increase participation

    At 18 most people are starting college. They're busy saying goodbye to friends, figuring out what they'll need, and settling in to dorms. This means that many won't remember to register or have the time to. In many states you have to be present to vote in your first election. This is problematic because many college students go to school several hours away from home and they still have classes on election day. If we lower it to 16 more people will be able to vote in their first election and it will start a habit that will continue for the rest of their lives.

  • Well, OF COURSE!

    Why not? Don't you think teens should have freedom??? Decide their future??? Have a good life??? You may think that 16 year olds are immature, but if you take a good look at the evidence then you are wrong!!! Think about it. Saying "NO" is the same thing as saying "No! You Are NOT Allowed To Pick YOUR OWN Future!" Peace Out GILR SCOUTS!!!

  • Teens NEED more freedom to say what they think!!!!

    Do you really just want people to control us teens? No? Well, lowering the voting age would give us that other freedom! Ya, maybe some of us teens are dumb, I get that, but that's their problem! What about us teens that are smart and responsible? Did you even think about what we want? Calling all teens dumb is offensive, and I WILL BE DEFENSIVE about that!!!! So back off on us, don't call us dumb, and think about the pros AND cons of lowering the voting age.

  • They aren't mature

    At the age of 16 and 17 teenagers can't even sign a phone contract. They still need parental permission to get a tattoo; do we really believe that they should be allowed to decide who it is that runs our country? I myself am a 16 year old and there are very few people I know my age that actually have an interest in the political world. Teenagers have the pressure of making decisions that will literally decide the course of your life, so why would we want to place even more pressure by giving them the option of choosing who runs our country. I honestly think that the cons way out weigh the pros, and the smart decision is to wait until the majority of people are more mature, and not just a small fraction. Overall, there is only a small fraction of 16 and 17 year old's that actually would benefit from this decision, so keeping it at 18 is the right thing to do.

  • 16 is to young

    No the voting age should not be lowered to 16. Teens spend most of there time on a couch playing video games or on the street selling or doing drugs. Teens at this age should not be able to vote. Having a lack of knowledge will change the way teens think about voting. The won't understand what someone running for prime minister says or thinks. Having 16 year olds vote will change what they think about voting. They won't take it seriously. We have 16 year old kids driving I think that's enough for them to handle in one year.

  • 16 is too young, and to immature

    16 year old kids at this age don't know much about politics if any, so if they don't have any knowledge about voting or politics, how can they make an accurate vote that will be best for everyone? And if people can't make accurate votes it will affect anyone, and even you. Do you really want you're future to be decided by people who don't even know the topic?

  • Nahh bruhh hhh

    16 thats too young most of those kids are still in school . They shouldnt waste their time worrying on who they are going to vote for . Although some kids wont even worry at all they would want someone that would legalize marijuana . 16 year olds will not take it serously and they would vote for someone that can destroy our economy

  • Influenced and weak-minded

    If given the chance to vote, 16 year olds will probably vote for the politicians who directly help them instead of the country. Politicians might use this strategy in their campaigning. Also 16 year olds might take this lightly and vote for the politicians who their friends are voting for.

  • Teenagers are idiots

    Teenagers are dumb and they are biased a lot of the time. They may vote for people supporting the legalization of marijuana for recreation and they might vote for just plain idiots. Also people could destroy the government from voting for bad people. They also don't have a very good understanding of politics.

  • 16 is not mature enough

    16 year olds do not know the political issues. They do not have the level of intelligence that 18 year olds have. I DONT THINK TKEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO VOTE. It would ruin our country because they choose by aying rock, paper, scissors. It is just a bad idea

  • 16 is too young to vote.

    The voting age should not be lowered to 16. 16 year old people are usually still in school and haven't been supporting themselves or entering the workforce. As such, the understanding of certain major concerns when electing officials is not there. Someone that is 16 is not considered an adult and lacks life experience.

  • Nah bruhhh they shouldnt

    16 year olds cant even do many things they are still at the age where they care about what there friends say .So they will most likely not take it serious. Also by caring what there ''friends'' say they want to be 'cool' and want someone that will legalize drugs and they wont think because they are not mature enough and they will vote for someone that can destroy the goverment

  • Teenagers of this age are immature and inexperienced

    16 year-olds do not have life experience and they would have a better idea of the reason they are voting for an issue once they are older and have gained experience. 16 year-olds tend to adopt parent views instead of thinking for themselves. I think starting adulthood could end this.

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