Lowering US drinking age from 21 to 18: Is alcohol healthy in moderation?

  • Yes, at 18 you have the power and knowledge to be responsible.

    The age of 18 we ask these emerging adults to choose their respective colleges, careers for the future, and send them away to make choices that require responsibility. 18 is defiantly an age that knows the risks of drinking and should be able to eat the consequences and be treated equally.

  • It should be lowered

    Kids usually turn 18 before they go to college. What happens at college? A lot of drinking, that is what happens. If kids do not know how to handle their alcohol by the time they get to college, that is where mistakes and accidents could happen. If the drinking age was lowered then they could do more drinking in moderation before they go off to school. They will need to know how to act because at school, it is just them, no one there to save you. They are risking their lives if they do not know how to handle alcohol before college. In response to the con side, they will not know how to handle their alcohol until they start drinking alcohol.... So why not start earlier.

  • Yes, alcohol is healthy in moderation

    Yes the US legal drinking age should be lowered from 18 to 21 because alcohol is healthy in moderation. Lowering the drinking age won't increased alcohol related deaths or crimes related to alcohol because the behavior one exhibits while consuming alcohol is not dependent on age but on the individuals mental stability. Many countries throughout the world have lowered drinking ages, US is among the certain limited countries that have a 21 year old drinking age. Countries that have lowered drinking ages dont necessary have higher death or crime rates. Alcohol is healthy in moderation (as is most anything), studies have shown that beer and wine, when consumed, is beneficial to health

  • No, teenagers are too young.

    No, lowering the drinking age is not a good idea, because teenagers are too young for alcohol consumption. A teenager's brain is not yet fully developed. When they drink alcohol, they are more adversely affected than an adult. A teenager drunk is more likely to hurt themselves than an adult. They need to wait until they can handle drinking without risking their lives.

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