Lowering US drinking age from 21 to 18: Would a lower drinking age help colleges cope?

  • 18 Is The Legal Age Of Majority In All Other Aspects Of Life

    When you turn 18, you already have the ability to do things you couldn't when you were younger. Like be a part of the jury, buy cigarettes, open a bank account, drive a car, get a tattoo, gamble, get married, even change your name. There is no point in only being able to drink when your 21 if you are able to do so many things at 18. In this case, society is says that if your 18 your an adult. So you should be able to drink.

  • Yes, a lower drinking age is a good idea.

    If the drinking age was lowered to 18, colleges probably would not have such a problem with drunken parties. Many college freshmen like to drink because it is "cool" or illegal. They don't understand the consequences of binge drinking because our culture only teaches them that they shouldn't drink any alcohol, and doesn't educate young people on how to drink responsibly. A lower drinking age is the first step to educating youth about alcohol.

  • Lower Drinking Age

    The drinking age should be lowered from 21 to 18. Drinking responsibly requires a certain amount of maturity. The longer it takes for one to begin drinking, the more maturity should have been achieved. Drinking is a responsiblity that is reserved for those who are mature and can handle alcohol.

  • If you think the drinking age should be lowered, have a look at these facts.

    86% of homicide offenders, 37% of assault offenders, and 60% of sexual offenders were drunk at the time of the crime. Drunk driving causes 17000 deaths a year, and most of the casualties were ages 18 to 25. 30,000 college students a year need medical treatment because of alcohol poisoning.

  • No, No, No

    I don't think so. Lowering the drinking age would mean more drunk parties, police, and accidents from young adults. People think it should be lowered but i don't think so. I also think that there should be a OLD drinking age limit. 1/10 of old people die from drinking and drugs.

  • Crazy raping rednecks

    When underage people have alcohol in their system, they make ill-advised choices. 76% of rapists found guilty had alcohol in their system at the time. The drinking age should not be lowered because it would lead to higher alcohol consumption in underage people. The law should stay at twenty one.

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