Lowest number of US abortions since 1974: are state anti-abortion laws to blame?

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  • Maybe women just aren't having abortions.

    The pill is widely available now and so are condoms. Men and women both receive a basic sexual education and almost everyone is aware of their rights. These factors have played a greater role in reducing the number of abortions than anti-abortion laws. Women have greater control over their bodies than they did in 1974.

  • No blaming needed

    The fact that abortion rates are so low has nothing to do with state anti-abortion laws. It has much more to do with the widespread availability of women's health services and the education that we are providing. Laws aren't what keeps the rate low. We are on the right track to preventing a vast majority of abortions with the education and services that we are now providing.

  • I don't think state and local abortion laws are to blame

    First off, fewer abortions is a good thing. While state and local laws help prevent illegal abortions, I think easier access to contraceptives is the main reason for the drop. Safe sex, family planning and contraceptives are the best ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Relying on abortion is a very irresponsible approach.

  • People are making different choices.

    People today have so many choices besides abortion. Birth control has become more available, easier to use, and more effective than ever before. People can also choose adoption rather than aborting an unwanted child. Laws are not to blame, but rather people having access and choices to make other decisions.

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