Luxury diamond sales up: Should you spend a month's salary on an engagement ring?

  • It depends, like everything else, on how much it matters to you.

    If you are a financially stable, normal human being, you have this beautiful thing called perspective. I don't own a boat, for example, because from my perspective that is a waste of money. I don't spend money on things I don't care about, but I do spend money on things I do care about.
    If a man truly cares about the engagement ring (I use the word man here only for ease, I am aware and supportive of non traditional proposal roles as well as LGBTQQ ones) who are you to tell him how much he should spend on it? It matters to him. It makes him feel good. If he is capable of remaining financially secure whilst paying for the ring, and he cares about it, let him. It's only a problem if it's something he doesn't really care about, in which case he should get together with his partner and they should agree on a dollar amount and purchase it together.
    I get a lot of flack for how much money I spend at Starbucks. You might think $5/10 every day for coffee is ridiculous, but you aren't me. You don't get to decide that for me. For me, my latte is the most luxurious and special and wonderful part of my day. It makes me feel right and whole and it's special. So I spend what might seem a ridiculous amount of money on it. But I'm not in financial ruin, I am a productive member of society and I pay my bills, so what of it?
    The same goes for a guy (or gal) who finds it very important to them to buy a big expensive ring. Perhaps it's how the guy feels so triumphant about being such a good provider that he can afford to do this. Perhaps it makes him feel like he deserves her that much more because effort is love in his book. Maybe he just gets the best feeling in the world when he buys her something like that and sees the look of joy on her face. It's really not for us to judge from that individual perspective.
    That being said, if you don't care, if you are doing it because you aught to instead of you want to, then get thee to a pawn shop and spend $400 on the same thing that is equally symbolic and beautiful... (if symbolism matters to you)

  • Engament ring budget

    No I do not think at all that you should spend a months salary on an engagement ring. That is quite ridiculous to work for a whole month just to spend it on one piece of jewelry that goes on somebody finger to signify engagement. I am not a big jewelry person.

  • Money does not show love

    I think if a couple are in love and wish to show they want to spend the rest of their life with the other then that does not have to be shown by spending a great deal of money. That implies a certain lack of trust, why should one partner feel they have to "prove" that committment. If that trust is not already there, they should not be proposing in the first place.

  • material items dont matter

    diamonds and gold and other expensive minerals dont mean anything , someone has placed a value on theese things and everyone seems to follow it, put effort into your relationship rather then putting effort into buying a rock for someone to put on thier finger , you will be alot more happier

  • That was marketing.

    No, you should not spend a month's salary on an engagement ring, because the people who made up that you should are the people who are in the engagement ring marketing industry. They just want you to spend more money! Spending money responsibly is a much better way to show that you love your spouse.

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