• As a whole, yes, people who choose to commit suicide do so for themselves and not anyone else.

    So people have said that suicide is not selfish because it is not done to hurt others or because in Scott's case she left a lot of her belongings to those she cared about. These people are, I believe, misunderstanding the question.

    The question was not "Are the people who commit suicide selfish" (because one action does not define your total character) but rather "Is the ACT of commuting suicide selfish". The act of suicide is selfish. People certainly aren't doing it for the benefit of others and they are aware that their choice will negatively impact others lives. The choice to commit suicide is based on how the individual doing so feels and that makes acting it out selfish.

    I do want to stress one thing here because I can already see people misinterpreting my above argument:

    I do not think those who commit suicide are selfish people. One selfish action does not make a person as a whole selfish.

  • To A Degree

    I believe suicide is a selfish act, but for some cases, as with the L'Wren Scott, you can see the reasoning behind it. People choose suicide for varying reasons and it is an option that is easier to deal with than real life, in some instances. People who choose it are doing it for their own comfort, they certainly aren't thinking of their loved ones.

  • Suicide is a selfish act.

    Anyone who has dealt with a loved one committing suicide, can tell you how difficult the situation is for those left living. Unlike natural or accidental deaths, where families have a chance to come to terms of the inevitability of the death, those who commit suicide don't leave their families with that option. Families are left with even stronger feelings of anger, guilt and confusion, as to what they could have done. They continue to suffer unneeded anguish over the situation, and have tremendous pain that they must deal with. While their loved one, who didn't feel it was worth it to stay alive, took a easy way out of their pain. You can't say that because someone killed themselves, that their pain must have been stronger, or more legitimate, than would be the family's pain, in being left alone to grieve everyday.

  • Walk in your own shoes

    I believe the biggest reason people think suicide is selfish is because of the people left behind hurt from the act. But this is such a hypocritical way of thinking, I mean seriously, if your suffering because somebody you loved committed suicide then snap out of it, you apparently expected them to snap out of their suffering. Think on that.

  • L'Wren Scott's Suicide Was Not a Selfish Act.

    L'Wren Scott's suicide was not a selfish act devised to hurt or malign her loved ones. She had to be a desperately mentally demolished person in a highly depressed state and couldn't think clearly and saw suicide as the only way to end her pain. Born as Lu Ann Bambrough, she left her worldly goods valued at $9 million dollars to her long-time boyfriend Mick Jagger, but didn't leave him a real explanation as to why she committed suicide.

  • No, suicide is a last resort for some people

    While it's true that suicide hurts the people around the person that did it, that they're the true victims some might say, it is still a testament of how unhappy that person was to end their own life. While people can sometimes offer whatever help to the person, it's not something that always helps them. You can't force someone to do something they truly do not want to do, and if someone doesn't want to live, it isn't fair to make them.

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