Macedonia to chemically castrate pedophiles. Should other countries follow?

  • Other countries should chemically castrate pedophiles.

    It is necessary to make sure that pedophiles cannot hurt any children again in the future. Although chemical castration is a drastic punishment, it is necessary in this extreme case. Pedophiles are vile criminals and they do not deserve normal civil rights. Often, they are known to be active recidivists.

  • Among other punishments this should be one of them

    Yes, I believe that other countries should follow suit and chemically castrate pedophiles. This is one of the worst crimes could be imagined other than murder. It is disgusting for an adult to sexually assault a child and something should be done to curve these actions. Unfortunately, some pedophile use other means when their parts do not function, but chemical castration is a start.

  • Yes, sounds good.

    Studies have been done to show that the overwhelming majority of pedophiles can not be rehabilitated. That being said, then society is at risk if such a person is released into a neighborhood where there are children. So unless there is life in prison, then chemical castration is the best protection.

  • Castration does not mean the penis does not work.

    If they do it or not, does not stop the fact that the penis will still work and that a person who wants to molest children will still do this. This castration link relies on the idea that pedophilia is linked to testosterone on that basis every male should be castrated. Its a punishment that will not stop pedophilia, it just leads to having infertile pedophiles.

  • There is a difference between a pedophile and a child molester.

    Just because a pedophile is attracted to children, that shouldn't define how they are as a person or what acts they'll engage in. Castrating a pedophile is a lot like pre-emptively arresting someone because they live in a bad neighborhood or giving someone a DUI just because they happened to be drinking.

    When you treat people like criminals, they become criminals. Pedophiles aren't criminals and they aren't monsters. They're people that need help. Instead of trying to castrate these people and force them into hiding, we need to have a society that doesn't make them out to be criminals; that way we have a better idea of who to keep an eye on and they can have the courage to ask for help.

  • It could cause more harm than good

    The thing about the United States is that, while pedophiles are considered criminals, we still treat them as though they have a psychological disease. Because of this, I feel that at least some pedophiles may feel that there is some chance for them to seek help, counsel, and reparation. They should still be jailed, of course, if they act on their desires, but for the ones who don't or for the ones who want to change, there's still a chance of treatment for them. If we decided to castrate any and every pedophile, the chances of them turning to others for help would be severely lessened and would perhaps engender an even more closeted desire for children, which could potentially result in higher rates of violence, abuse, and perhaps murder due to isolation, repression, and fear of being caught by the law.

  • No it is not right

    The idea of castrating pedophiles is very appealing. It would solve a major issue and keep them from hurting people. However I don't think this would work in the US because of the basic rights of people. So while the idea is a good one it is not something that the US could carry out.

  • I think it is wrong to force

    I can see the merit in castrating pedophiles. However I think it is a breach of their rights to force them to be chemically castrated. I think we should offer it to pedophiles in exchange for maybe a lighter sentence, or give some other incentive. I don't think though that it should be forced.

  • This is ridiculous.

    First of all, what would be the purpose of this? To hurt or humiliate the person? This kind of punishment is far and away a violation of legal and ethical norms. Any punishment besides incarceration runs the fine line of being torture or as the constitution suggests "cruel and unusual punishment."

    Besides, why pedophiles specifically? The crime of sexually abusing a minor is indeed heinous, but most aggressive crimes are equally heinous. Murder, rape, severe abuse of a person of any age. Why would these not be included?

    This kind of punishment is arbitrary, pointless, an overreach of government powers, and offensive to ethical and legal norms.

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