'Mad Men' coming to an end: Will the stars go on to have lucrative careers?

  • Mad Men cast deep with talent

    Yes, the cast of Mad Men will go on to have lucrative careers. Many actors and actresses from the show have been nominated in the past for Emmy and Golden Globe awards. Some have also went on to star in major movies. Its my belief that the Made Men cast is deep with talent and will have no problem with future successes in their career.

  • Why the Mad Men stars will be less popular

    The hit show 'Mad Men' is a show that has been on the air since 2007, has a variety of actors who will not be as popular once the show comes to an end. Because the stars are mainly known for their roles on the show, any attempt at making it on another show will not be perceived well.

  • Probably not happening

    Its hard to say but more than likely not. Im sure some of them will continue to have a few hit roles but for the most part I think this show will wind up being the pinnacle of their careers and thats not necessarily a bad thing. This was an amazing show.

  • The stars will not go on to better things

    The stars will not go on to better things. I am sure that they will have roles and always have a job, but most of these actors are getting up there in age already. A lot of actors and actresses will stay with a TV job long enough that they get past their prime.

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