Madonna shows a seventeen year-old's breast in concert: Should her tour be cancelled?

  • Madonna has gotten away with too much over the years

    Because she is a woman she is allowed to flaunt a young woman's boobs in public. Yet if it happened that it was a male artist that did the same thing his career would be over without questions. I never really cared for Madonna's music or public persona. She took what many before her like Wendy O Willams did by purposely exposing herself in increasing sexual ways to get attention for herself. Except Wendy has the vocal prowess to back it up and didn't need to constantly reinvent herself to sell records.

    I don't think she should cancel her tour but should be held accountable for her actions. Just because Madonna is a woman doesn't give her the right to yank down a fan's top.

  • Sexual Harrassment is Illegal

    From that article it seems to be that the she should be prosecuted or at the very least go to court. You can not reveal anyone's body like that ever. The article does mention that the fan was unfazed by the act, but what if the fan was bothered? Madonna behaved horribly in that moment and unless she asked the fan if she could before hand, revealing a fan's breast is a repulsive act.

  • She should be charged.

    Is this not sexual harassment? From what I've heard I haven't seen her consent. Or say that it'd be okay for Madonna to do this to her.
    This is a violation of rights. And should not be tolerated.
    my question is. Why is the punishment her tout being cancelled? And not something more severe ?

  • No, I do not think that Madonna's tour should be cancelled because she showed a seventeen year-old's breast in a concert.

    No, I do not think that Madonna's tour should be cancelled because she showed a seventeen year-old's breast in a concert, because i'm sure that the incident was a mistake. Madonna definitely did not know the girl was underage and if she did, she would have acted differently. Madonna acted in the heat of the moment and her tour should not be cancelled because of an honest mistake.

  • The girl who's brest Madonna displayed has no problem with it. No reason to cancell her tour!

    There is no valid reason to consider cancelling Madonna's tour over the incident with the 17-year old. After all the young lady was invited on stage to receive a spanking from Madonna and looks very, very mature for her age!

    Both the teen and her mother agree that was no problem. In fact the teen, an aspiring model who has gotten work because of the event, say , "Seriously, why would I sue Madonna for the best moment of life?" when advised to take legal action against the singer.

  • No, Madonna's tour should not be cancelled.

    While I agree that Madonna exposing a seventeen year old girl's breast on stage is far from being in good taste, I do not believe it is grounds to cancel her tour. Attendees are freely choosing to go to her shows and are certainly aware of the type of entertainment she provides.

  • No, but the girl's parents should press charges.

    No, cancelling Madonna's tour is not an appropriate response or punishment for what she did. Since the girl was only 17 years old, which makes her a minor, I believe her parents should press charges against Madonna. This may or may not affect her tour as well, but cancelling the tour should not be the primary response to this incident.

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