• Yeah he is lmao

    Imagine getting hated on by an entire country for being a child and having some old creep come and instigate a confrontation with you. Sure, His smile was smug, But does he really deserve to be put on blast for trying to defuse a situation not caused by his own group?

  • He is innocent

    In my eyes he did nothing wrong and di not break any laws. By standing there and smiling in my opinion is not racist. But multiple articales say the black Hebrew Isrealites started the problem. So in my eyes and opinion i conclude he is innocent. That is the end.

  • Of course, He is completely innocent.

    By standing and smiling, Nick Sandmann was trying to diffuse the situation. He had slurs thrown at him from the Black Isrealites and a loud drum banged in his face. If he walked away, He would have been seen as rude. He stood there so that was "agressive'. If he didn't smile, It would have been disrespectful. He did smile so it was seen as snarky.

    Also, The left told us to leave David Hogg alone because he was just a kid even though he had very strong political views and was actively trying to change people's minds. Nick Sandmann literally stood there and the left called for him to be killed. LOGIC

  • He's a nerd who smiled nervously

    That boy was 5'9" and 115 lbs. In other words, He's a toothpick. I've known many nerds like him, And generally when they're in a situation where they're uncomfortable or frightened, All they can do is smile and hope the source of their fear won't hurt them. That kid is innocent. He was confronted by the the drum-banging adult and didn't know what to do.

    Fyi, There's nothing wrong with being a nerd. If you're a nerd, Be proud of it.

  • Innocent by juxtaposition.

    If I didn't know or understand the circumstances I could just as easily come to the conclusion that he is by simply reading the opposition. I mean calling someone a racist bigot because he smiled is a stretch to say the least. I mean nobody is pointing to anything he's said or did that is inherently racist. The people who say no just see color. They see an angry black guy across from a white guy and assume the story. It's not like anyone did something illegal or even immoral for that matter. People we're having a religious disagreement. As far as religious disagreements go that one was tame.

  • He is innocent

    The American Indian just walked up to him and started banging the drum in is face while they were waiting for there bus. The native Americans group were yelling racial slurs at the group, Absolutely disgusting, But the media portrayed it has a racist white kid. I don’t support Trump, But he is definitely not a racist, And neither is all MAGA supporters, I’m sure some are but 99% probably aren’t. Besides no one called out Hilary Clinton when she said all black people look the same.

  • Yes he was

    The government is hiding his innocents, We need to kill them because they lied to us have i reached 50 words yet, No i haven't I have 22 more to go, Lets see how many more words i have to write and oh look at that i have no more

  • Nick Sandman did not contribute negatively to the situation.

    Nick Sandman not only did not instigate the situation, He did not contribute to the escalation. His failure to act in either direction is representative of his desire not to contribute to a situation that was at best extremely odd.
    He was child approached by an adult in a confrontational manor, After being verbally abused by a separate group of adults. We should have no expectation of children to actively de-escalate a confrontation brought on by adults.

  • Nick Sandmann did nothing wrong!

    I'm honestly not sure why/how anybody can still think he was the aggressor. The whole story that Nathan Phillips told was so quickly and completely shown up! He said that the boys were chanting "Build that wall, " but the footage only shows the small group of people that he was claiming to defend saying any such thing. The additional footage not taken by Phillips or his companions clearly shows what actually happened, And Phillips' version of the story doesn't hold an ounce of water. He didn't do himself much good with all of the outright lies he told!

    Everything that Nick Sandmann and his school had to go through over this is a shame, But in a way, It's worked out in their favor. What Phillips did has ended up making Sandmann famous for his maturity in the situation, And now he and his school have thousands of supporters at their backs!

    If you really think Sandmann was in the wrong, You can't have done much research. The truth is clear and evident if you look for it!


  • Apparently Wearing a hat makes you racist?

    Well, Wearing a hat is racist now! He could not have simply walked away he was waiting at the bus stop, He did not approach them the aggressors were the native Americans, Honestly people can be so easily deceived nowadays. And no he is not a brat not a racist, And he is not arrogant. Get some common sense and don't just babble feeling out your mouth, They don't matter.

  • No. Just guilty of being an arrogant twat.

    More than likely the son of an arrogant twat and more than likely the grand son of an arrogant twat. Symbolising everything that is still inherently hypocritical in U. S. Society. Let's just hope that after all this controversy he has the strength of character to realise his arrogance.
    But given the insular nature of American sub-cultures. I think that this is a big ask.

  • It`s bad idea

    I think too - the school is infested by racists. So, He gets appropriate training to be the biggest loser in that scene. He was expecting some hero treatment by fellow cohort of haters. But ended up badly.
    But given the insular nature of American sub-cultures. I think that this is a big ask.

  • Arrogant Hater Indeed

    Just being young does not justify. He is a brat. Poorly brought up. Probably his parents are racists. The school is infested by racists. So, He gets appropriate training to be the biggest loser in that scene. He was expecting some hero treatment by fellow cohort of haters. But ended up badly.

  • He was being ignorant

    This man was just trying to settle the conflict in his own way and was mocked by all the trump supporters that were harassing their people with ignorance and people are defending him because he’s a kid but he just simply Needs to noe what he was doing was wrong

  • Wrong place, Wrong time, WORST REACTION

    He should have walked away. Recently I had some senile homeless person accosting me blocking my path. Did I just stand there and smirk inciting that person? No I left that person as he hurled insults.

    Black children and other minorities are not as cuddled as this boy is. This boy used his privilege status to prove you can be disrespectful to anyone and still be considered innocent. My father taught me to respect my elders. If I was this boy was my brother, He would be receiving the belt.

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