Maine governor accused of voter fraud: Can the election results be trusted?

  • Yes, an accusation alone is not grounds for discarding election results.

    Yes, Maine election results can be trusted even though the governor was accused of voter fraud. I believe the accusation, if well-founded, should be taken seriously. However, we live in a democracy where an accusation alone is not sufficient to convict someone of wrong-doing. There should be an inquiry and proof of misconduct before the results are discounted.

  • Yes, they can be trusted.

    The election results can be trusted and everyone should have confidence on electoral body. The accusation against the Maine governor is just a distraction or an attempt to instill mistrust on people. Ordinarily, such accusation are raised by people whose candidates are likely to lose, so they should not be taken seriously.

  • Yes, the election results can be trusted.

    Yes, the election results can be trusted because this is a democratic system. If we cannot trust the votes, then we are not living in a democracy anymore. We must watch the votes quickly, but in the end, the results should be considered fair. All politicians should accept the results.

  • No, i don`t think so.

    Actually there have been 31 cases of voter fraud in the past decade in the USA. That's out of over one billion votes cast! I am guessing that the Governor has never heard of fake ID's which have been a problem for bar tenders for years. And the people from the cemetery would probably need to vote absentee, which does not require identification. Is he willing to provide everyone with an ID at no cost to them?

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