Maine legalizes recreational marijuana: Should marijuana be legal all over the United States?

  • Yes, it should.

    Yes, it should be legalized. Marijuana helps in so many cases especially medical purposes. As a medical drug, It has seen to kill the cancer cells and also prevent cancer. The other thing is that marijuana for recreation purposes is also good since it makes one feel relaxed and composed.

  • Sure why not

    Hey if you legalize marijuana why not take it a step further. Why not legalize all drugs. Then make all drug dealers federal employees and make them pay taxes and the people they sell to pay taxes too. See stupid that sounds. Not everyone smokes weed by legalizing one drug you better be expecting to legalize them all.

  • Might as well be

    I know that people are saying that there just aren't enough long-term studies to know the true effects of marijuana use, but I also know that much research has shown that it isn't really that different than alcohol use. People are already using marijuana illegally, so why not just legalize it, tax it, and regulate the way it is produced? This would make it safer and bring in enormous revenue to help our economy.

  • Marijuana should be legal all over the United States

    Marijuana should be legal all over the United States because to keep it illegal is a tremendous waste or time, money and resources. The only beneficiaries to keeping it illegal are police unions and the alcohol lobby. Legalize it and tax it so we can get petty criminals out of jails.

  • Yes, it should

    Marijauna should be legal everywhere. It is as a safe and harmless drug that not only has many good benefits for people with serious deseases but can help people relax and have a good time. It is much safer than alcohol, and possibly caffine, and both of these drugs are legal.

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