Maisie Williams slams the Daily Mail: Does society pay to much attention to fashion and what people are wearing?

  • Calling attention to what Maisie was wearing, as opposed to what she was doing drew attention away from the bigger picture.

    Maisie was headlining a very important charity function for children, and the Daily Mail's childish announcement drew attention away from Maisie's efforts by focusing on her attire. In addition to sounding specious, the newspaper also runs the risk of sounding sexist, since it is much rarer for periodicals to pay as much attention to clothing worn by men at similar functions.

  • Yes, especially young people today pay far too much attention to fashion.

    It is only in the developed world that we see the problem of youth paying too much attention to fashion. Fashion does not feed the people of the developing world, nor are they likely to derive as much satisfaction from it as much as youth from the developed world. The developed society in question is driven by wealth, the influence of the mass media, and a flourishing advertising and fashion industry that has perfected a formula for getting consumers to buy their goods.

  • Maisie Williams justified in her criticism of the Daily Mail

    I think that Maisie Williams was right to attack the Daily Mail for unflattering coverage. Society has ended up on the shallow end of the pool, where we are much too invested in how people look versus how they behave. It is time to stop body-shaming people and start focusing on people's character instead.

  • Are you kidding me?

    Right, she wore that dress because... She didn't want attention? It was somewhat see through and probably very much so intended to draw attention. So she got the attention...Now she's upset? Perhaps if she did not want to detract from the dignity of the event, she should have dressed more conservatively?

    Another commentor posted that society needs to focus more on people's character rather than there apparel. Have we forgotten that, among many other things, choice of apparel IS a reflection of character.

    I think society pays too much attention to Maisie Williams.

  • No, society doesn't pay too much attention to fashion

    Fashion is an important part of our society. It is an artistic expression of oneself and creativity and ideas should be shared. However, the problem in fashion is the same as in other parts of our society. People, including media folks, seem to feel a need and a right to judge others for their choices. In any artistic arena, critique and sharing are important, but there is a difference between critiquing for the greater benefit of all or insulting for the pleasure of oneself.

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