• Yes, number of training accidents falls well below vehicular accidents.

    Train travel in the United States is a safe and reliable form of transportation. While accidents do occur, the danger and risks of other forms of transportation (automobile, plane, boat) exceed those of training travel. The technological advances of train travel also ensure safety and quality assurance. Significant development in the operation and regulation of train industries also contributes to the overall safety of this mode of transportation.

  • Most of the time it is

    It's possible that the engineer had some kind of medical crisis which led to the accident. Still some suggest that positive train control could have helped to prevent this. Overall train travel in the US is safe, as thousands of people commute to work everyday on these trains, especially going through Hoboken, which is a very busy station.

  • Train travel is safe, but accidents happen

    Throughout the country, every day massive amounts of trains are on the go taking people and supplies from one place to another. The vast vast majority of days, it happens without the public even being aware of it. However, when there's a (very rare) crash, people come out of the woodwork to say how unsafe it is. The accident rate simply doesn't bear that out.

  • Yes, train travel is safe in the US.

    Yes, train travel is safe in the US. We cannot base the safety of all trains on one incident. We must consider how many trains travel each day. Out of thousands of trains, only one crashed today. While it is a tragedy, train travel is much safer than driving a car.

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